Screenwriting History of Tony Machin

When I was in first grade I got in lots of trouble for talking to the other kids during class. I was always telling stories. Then in 3rd grade, I wrote my first narrative story called 'Time Flight' about a pilot whose jet crashed in Central America and had to escape from bounty hunters who were looking for him.

In high school I had to write a paper on how the film 'Superman' was a metaphor for the birth of Jesus. I was the only one in the class who wrote a paper disputing that point stating that 'Superman' was really a metaphor for the inner most wishes that every person has inside them.

The teacher gave me an F for my effort.

Later I was to write a 16-section biography. Each section was to be 1 page long and was broken into 2-eight page segments = 18 pages total. My paper was 39 pages long.

The teacher gave me an "A" because she didnt' want to take the time to read the whole thing.

In college, I still disrupted class by talking. Through an actor friend of mine, I discovered screenwriting. Then one day while numbing my senses with the computer game 'Quake' it hit me: Why not turn my stories into movies?

Seven years later, I'm still writing. And now it's only a matter of time before my vision comes to the big screen.


Why Write Screenplays?

Three words, yet three thousand might not adequately explain why any creative person seeks to create something original.
Don't worry, I'll keep this VERY short.

(if you read the long version of my bio, you'll understand)

By nature I love telling stories. Being an only child allowed my imagination to expand in all directions as I had to one to really play with. The older I got, I also gained the ability to express my thoughts and feelings concisely and effectively. Combine all those, add in a little inspiration at the right moment and BOOM I want to write films. I write to entertain others, perhaps giving them a break from our harsh reality and maybe, just maybe, even inspire a few with simple ideas and heartfelt sentiments.


How I Learned To Write?

Well, I've never had any formal education for writing. My Bachelors degree is in Business with a minor in computers. I ran out of money right after college and couldn't afford more schooling so I took the only other route: self-teaching. In 1998, I started my first script, but didn't know squat about formatting or how to make a script 'cinematic'. An elderly woman named Katie Queen gave me a book on screenplay formatting.

Then in early 1999, I joined a fledgling online screenwriting workshop, currently located at Through the books I bought and the members of that website, I learned everything I needed to know about writing a script.

The final stage in my learning was getting the right inspiration. That inspiration came in November of 1999 when I flew out to San Francisco to meet the members of the Zoetrope community and the the sites founder, Mr. Francis Ford Coppola himself.

On a side note, I do plan on taking screenwriting and film production courses at Columbia College in Chicago in the next year. However, I will say that sometimes the best education is definately our own lives.


What Do I Write?

I've written over 160 pieces of creative writing. The vast majority happen to be poems, the next largest group is screenplays and last is creative essays. The essays are mostly formalized introspective diary entries that are often far and few between. The poetry ranges from the darkest of thoughts to the most existential of ideals.

My screenplays tend to be more focussed, though. I primarily write Science Fiction and Fantasy scripts, but my latest several projects have been very far from those genres. I've been writing for about 7 years now and have several scripts under my belt. All of my completed work and a good deal of my 'in-progress' work can be found in the Screenplays section of this website.

Additionally, my poetry and a couple of my 'essays' can also be found on the site in both the Fun Stuff section and the Misc. area of the Screenplays section. I hope you enjoy at least a little bit of my work and if you do, don't hesitate to email me and let me know what you thought of it!


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