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Title: 'One Call'
Length: 3 pages
Genre: Drama
Status: In-Progress

Tagline: one two-minute call, a lifetime of impact

Logline: Late one night socialite Andrew recieves a phone call by a woman claiming to have had sex with him and now has been tested positive for HIV. While Awaiting test results, Andrew embarks on a journey of self-discovery that he'll never forget.

General Script Notes: Though I've known gay individuals, I was given the chance to befriend a pair of of gay brothers in the summer of 2003. Talking with them somehow brought to mind the well-known fact that diseases like HIV and AIDS don't care about your sexual orientation. 'One Call' has a deeply personal feel to it and tries to explore the mental state of a person in those nerve racking days of waiting before finding out if your life will forever be radically altered and ulitmately shortened.

**Additional Notes: I'd like to take a moment to dedicate this screenplay to all those who've contracted HIV or AIDS and who refuse to let their condition change thier personality. The force of will that each of you have is remarkable and you should be honored for such strength of character. I raise my glass to you in a living.


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