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Title: 'Elevator Up'
Length: 3 pages
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Status: In-Progress

Tagline: who knew

Logline: Join Jacob, a middle-aged elevator operator working for a major media company, for a day in his life as the not-so-invisible fly on the wall who hears all the dirty secrets of his employer and the mysterious CEO, "Mr. Davidson."

General Script Notes: The idea for this script came when I took my cousin to the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago and talked with the elevator operator duing my 96 floor ride. 'Elevator Up' is my first comedic script. Focussing on the satirical elements of corporate America and incorporating several themes from the film 'Office Space', 'Elevator Up' is a fun little poke at those things that we deal with every day, but always seem to just ignore in the long run.

**Additional Notes: There are no additional notes for this script.


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