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Title: 'Leguna'
Length: 10 pages
Genre: Comedy
Format: TV Sit-Com
Status: Completed

Tagline: Welcome to The Leguna: a loony bin with lots of pasta.

Logline: Join the staff of The Leguna, the premier Itallian restaurant of Chicago as they live life day to day overcoming the challenges of operating a restuarant ranging from harsh critics to imported Camels.

General Script Notes: This script was a collaboration with a Ball State Journalism student named Beth Carby for a class project. It was the first sit-com I'd ever written and was the only script Beth had ever written, so needless to say the formatting is a bit rough. This script was to act as the pilot episode for a fictional series called 'Leguna'. There is no story bible or enlongated plot lines as there was never to be another episode written after this one since it was only a class project. Nonetheless, it was fun to write and if given a chance, would gladly try my hand at the genre again.

**Additional Notes: this is the only TV script I've ever written.



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