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Title: 'The Lone Star'
Length: 147 pages**
Genre: Science Fiction
Status: Completed

Tagline: An accident erased his past and left him without afuture

Logline: When a freak accident throws Chaz Monroe 125 years into the future, he must come to terms with the loss of his family, friends and fiance and adapt to a new life against the back drop of an interstellar war.

General Script Notes: 'The Lone Star' was the very first screenplay that I wrote. Inspired, in part, by a conversation I had with a friend, it took 13 months to complete the first draft. Most of that work came in the July preceding my junior year of college. 'The Lone Star' attempts to introduce sympathetic and realistic characters while remaining to true to the often visually stunning nature that science fiction often incorporates. In it's original form, 'The Lone Star' surpassed 300 pages in length.

**Additional Notes: 'The Lone Star' is the first segment in a trilogy that will cover two generations of characters, moral debates over the use of human cloning, humanity's greed and parasytic nature, and the forces of fate applied to the near ensemble sized cast. The original length of 300 pages has been trimmed to 147, though that number will continue to fall as I edit the script. The pages that were removed were actually components of the other 2 stories in the trilogy and thus were placed in thier respective scripts.



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