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Title: 'Staring at Venus'
Length: 31 pages
Genre: Drama
Status: In-Progress

Tagline: some things are hard to see for a reason

Logline: College junior Tom Gardner has just become the ultimate socialite. There's only one thing missing: a girlfriend.

General Script Notes: Originally named 'Strength of a Woman' (now found in the short scripts section and with a different plot), 'Staring at Venus' is a very personal story. The idea was concieved while on a train ride through Long Island, NY. The main purpose of this story is to showcase the incredible impact of and night/day personal changes that women go through during college as seen through the eyes of a guy who sits atop the social circles of a large university.

**Additional Notes: The originally idea for 'Staring at Venus' was split into 3 scripts, 'Strength of a Woman' (short script), a dark yet-untitled script, and, of course, 'Staring at Venus.' Additionally, each of the scripts harness different themes and are not part of any kind of multi-part story or trilogy.


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