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Title: 'Guardian'
Length: 130 pages
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Status: Completed

Tagline: The last of his kind, the last of our hope.

Logline: When full time loser Will Stone discovers he has supernatural powers, he's instantly dragged into the heart of an interdimensional power struggle that could ultimately destroy three different worlds, including Earth.

General Script Notes: 'Guardian' is the second screenplay I wrote. Originally it was written directly after 'The Lone Star', but was interupted several times by the starting of other scripts. Though the first draft didn't take but a few months to finish, the first major revision took nearly a year. Despite 'Guardian' taking place in present day Chicago, the fantasy, supernatural and sci-fi elements remain strong. 'Guardian"s inspiration came from a dream I had one night in which I had wings and could fly. Of course the writing of the first draft that image was transformed into something much more elaborate and, as s side note, the main character never had wings or any other special appendages.

**Additional Notes: 'Guardian' was recently entered in the 2004 Nicholls Screenwriting Fellowship contest. While it did not make the quarterfinals, 'Guardian' remains one of my most polished scripts as well as one of my personal favorites.



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