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Title: 'Genesis'
Length: 40pages
Genre: Fantasy
Status: In-Progress

Tagline: Creation has a price

Logline: Dorian Ridge's life as a medieval inventor changes radically when a mysterious woman named Kaelah arrives in his village. Pursued by government assasins, the two must uncover her past in order to stop a sinister governor before he can open amystical gateway to the greatest evil the world has ever known.

General Script Notes: Inspired by the Super Nintendo game Final Fantasy III, 'Genesis' takes it's roots in a world that has had the taste of magic, but now relies on logic and primative machinery to advance society. This script has been through many major story changes. Each one becoming more and more drastic. This project has been shelved and later revived more times than I can count. Of all my scripts this one has been one of the most fun to write as it has all the elements of my favorite stories: mystery, adventure, action, magic, and creatures not of this world.

**Additional Notes: The poster that I eventually created for this film has been through more changes and transformations than any of my other films or screenplays.




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