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Title: 'Blue Dwarf'
Length: 69 pages**
Genre: Science Fiction
Status: In-Progress

Tagline: some sacrifices aren't worth making

Logline: Five years after Chaz Monroe was yanked from his own time, he's getting married to Kitt. But when Kitt contracts a mysterious illness Chaz seeks out the cause and learns the terrifying truth about the military and the alliances it holds.

General Script Notes: 'Blue Dwarf' is the second story in the the 'Lone Star' trilogy. This story focusses more on the three relationships between Chaz and Kitt, Spike and Alex, and Jullian and Scott. Though the action sequences are quite dazzling in nature, it's the personal issues that each character must deal with while being on the front lines of defense against the Brogan Empire that take the forefront in this segment. Many of the characters make present the audience with the startling and, ultimately, morally questionable actions by the powers that be.

**Additional Notes: 'Blue Dwarf' was originally incorporated into the first draft of 'The Lone Star', thus being a major contributor to 'The Lone Star's initial first draft size of 303 pages. Additionally, the term 'blue dwarf' is actually a play on words of an actual astronomy term - 'white dwarf' In Astronomy, when a star such as the sun explodes in a supernova, it eventually it leaves only the core intact. What little is left of the star is then drawn in and tightly compacted into the core, creating an immensely, but ultimately tiny in comparison, star called a 'white dwarf.' Blue Dwarf referrs to Earth, a small, densely packed planet that glows brightly against the black of space.



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