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Oblivion - # 1

Shortly after completing the 'Burning Annie' project, a Canadian guy by the name of Andrew Austin contacted me via email and asked if I would design a poster for his recently finished film, Oblivion. I accepted and he sent me lots of still images and gave me free reign to pull images from the website for whatever I needed.

This version was the first one I did. It's the only horizonal image of the group. Interestingly enough, this image actually isn't in the film as it's a photograph of the cast and crew having lunch during the shooting. But the contrast of the image is perfectly suited to the theme of the film.



Oblivion - # 2

Upon exploring the website some more and having seen a clip of the film provided by Andew Austin, I decided that less was more. The story is a very foreboding and surrealistic journey into madness. The simplicity of this poster kind of gives it a haunting feeling.


Oblivion - # 3

This image was possible after the producer sent me the official logo of the film. It easily integrated into the poster. I also changed the color of the tagline to add to the haunting nature of the poster.


Oblivion - # 4

This was a different take. See the film takes place underground in a bomb shelter after a nuclear war, so this image was to represent the city getting hit by a nuke. The high contrast and repeated images of the logo and tag line faintly in teh background give it an intense, but empty (no cars on the highway) to the poster....which is exactly whta the film's themes center on.


Oblivion - FINAL - A
Oblivion - FINAL - B-

When it was all said and done, Andrew opted to go with these two posters from me. So they, combined with a third by another artist were going to be used to promote the film.


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