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The Lone Star - Version 1

Obviously a fledgling attempt at a poster. Created using Photoshop 2.5. This image was more of an experimentation in what I could do with Photoshop than an actual poster.


The Lone Star - Version 2

Once the script was finished, I wanted to create a cover page for the binder I put the script in. this was one of 2 images that I created. The second one (version 3, below) was the other. I reigned in some of the special effects that were in the first version, but this is still pretty rough looking.



The Lone Star - Version 3

Created a short while after version 2, version 3 shows my understanding of 'less is more'. The intensity remains the same yet, the text is simpler and more clean looking than the previous two.


The Lone Star - Version 4

After deciding that version 3 wasn't intense enough, I created this one. Version 4 used mainly the techniques used in v.1 and v.2 and served as the cover art for the script's binder.


The Lone Star - Version 5

Version 5 was a major break through for me in layout and overall design. Designed nearly four years after version 4, version 5 clearly shows and understanding of multiple layers, various blending effects and careful restraint of redering effects. Version 5 was ranked in the top 3 graphics submitted to the Zoetrope Virtual Studio's Graphics Wing in August of 2002. The person in the background is actually me (I don't have a good camera and don't have access to loads of models for shooting.) The image was taken with a web cam to give it the needed grainy texture and lighting.

**the MPAA rating logo and Dolby logos are copyrighted and trademarked by their respective corporate entities. They are used here only to give the poster a more realistic feel.


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