'Guardian' Posters

**Please note that though the overall composite design of each of these is my original design, some images may contain copyrighted source elements. These copyrighted elements will be referenced in the notes for each image. Each individual image/element are all protected under U.S. and International copyright laws.

Guardian - Version 1

Unsure how to capture the vivid imagery that predominates the 'Guardian' script, I experimented with techniques that I previously hadn't used. This image was created approximately the same time as version 3 of 'The Lone Star' poster was created.


Guardian - Version 2

Yet another attempt at capturing the scope of the story. The bolded text at the bottom was my first attempt at adding credits to a film poster. At the time I thought it looked authentic, however it doesn't.


Guardian - Version 3

Version 3 was another landmark in my poster design. Mainly because I didn't use any blending effects or layer tricks. Each element was committed to the image permanently before I added the next. The idea was to create the thought that the person in the image possessed immense cosmic power. Many who viewed this image, just thought it looked weird. Again that's my face back there, but run through an inverted light filter and with the contrast jacked WAY up.


**the image of Earth at the top is that infamous color photograph taken of the Earth from Space. I believe the copyright belongs to a NASA astronaught.


Guardian - Version 4

At first glance, Version 4 looks really weird....and you'd be right. It was a combination of several attempts to create a new poster.

**the three planets are actually the same picture of earth, but with lighting effects applied to them. All three plus the moon and the night shot of the U.S. are all from NASA's website.


Guardian - Version 5 - FINAL

This is the current poster for 'Guardian'. As you can obviously seen the image is radically different from any of the previous versions. The objects may look like I created them in a 3-D program such as Maya, but they are actually 2-D images that I used custom created gradient and shadowing effects along with a lighting effect to create the illusion of depth.

I also changed the tagline to better reflect the main characters predicament.


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