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Genesis - Version 1

Created after my success with the 'Lone Star - version 5 image' , this is much like the 'Guardian - version 4' image in that it's an experiment in progress. I wasn't sure really what I wanted. The image of the water is actually a photo I took of the Puerto Rican coast a few years back. I cut the original sky from the image and applied a color variation and lighting effect to give it the blue color it as so it would appear as though it was taken during a solar eclipse.

**the eclipsing sun is a common image found in Microsoft Windows. While the bright blue ball, is a NASA image of the Sun taken during a study of solar flare activity.


Genesis - Version 2

At this point, the image was coming together nicely. I'd combined most of the core elements, but wasn't completely set on the layout or final design.

**the dragon image in the center is by an artist who's name escapes at the moment (I'll post his name up here once I find it). It used to be black in color and facing to the left.


Genesis - Version 3

This image shifted from the 'cool brisk night' look to the 'firey wrath' look, evident by the flaming background and lack of a blue sun, as well as the orange lighting applied to the ocean water.


Genesis - Version 4

This image held as the 'final' image for the poster for over a year and a half.


Genesis - Version 5

This image was an attempt to combine the 'firey wrath' and 'cool brisk night' concept. But I felt something was missing....so I created version 6 below.


Genesis - Version 6 - FINAL

In an attempt to give the image a more intense and awe-inspiring look, I removed the ocean, widened the title, and increased the intensity of the colors across the board. the result to the right is the current image.





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