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Burning Annie - Version 1

When Burning Annie producer Randy Mack contacted me to do this poster, his description was somewhat vague as to what the poster should look like. SO I designed this. It was to look a piece of paper that someone had written on with a polariod in the middle. The fonts accomplished just that, but he said it was too plain and wanted something more organic.

**the Burning Annie logo and still shot were provided by Randy Mack.


Burning Annie - Version 2

I took organic to mean, raw, unrefined, distorted and that's how this design came about. The idea was to turn up the contrast and make the image look rough and erratic. Randy thought though it was in the right direction, but a little over the top.

Also with this design, I had cornered myself into a design nightmare with the polariod idea. Now that the organic backdrop was in place (which is simply a warped photo of my neighbors brick patio), the photos needed to look as if they were really lying on the ground.....and without a 3-D modeling program to do that, I was in trouble.


Burning Annie - Version 3

I toned back the 'organic'-ness of the image and went with a more natural feel by digitally creating that fence with the ivy. It actually was photo I took of a fence across from my apartment and I did some SERIOUS manipulation of it to make look as if it was acutally there and in, again, 3-D. I also improved the perspective and positioning of the polariods and added in the 'heartbreak' sign.


Burning Annie - Version 4

Got rid of my beloved fence because it didn't really fit the theme of the movie. Rearranged the locales of the photos and made other layout changes.


Burning Annie - Version 5 - FINAL

There were many many more versions and revisions of this poster that I left out (a total of about 40 different revisions), but after 12 weeks of work, this is the end result. Finally mastering the perspective of the pictures, learned how to 'tear' a photo, changed the layout and made a hybrid background of the modified bricks with the original image. This poster is the one that was used at the Hampton International Film Festival and is the only one that lead actor (Gary Lundy) asked to have a copy of at that east coast premier.



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