Icons and Logos

(organized from earliest to most recent)
Images that have larger versions have an ** by their names.

Rhino Jones

One of my first attempts to create digital art. Created with Photoshop 2.5 for a local band that I used to hang out with called Rhino Jones.

The lens flare that is in this one is one of my favorites, but it was changed and removed when the brought out Photoshop 4.

NOTE: I don't think the band exists anymore.

Urban Jungle Website**

These images are from the Urban Jungle website that I created to chronicle my junior year of college at Ball State between 1998 and 1999. Most of these were (as you can see) exercises in how different I could make text look.

The Urban Jungle logo itself is larger which you can view here.

There are of course more images on the website, but this just a sampling. The website hasn't been updated in quite a while so if you visit it, don't expect much.




Column Office Equipment Presentation**

These are examples of graphics that I created for a sales presentation given at Column Office Equipment, a former employer.

The Presidents Club image is available in a larger size for viewing. The 'XV' was to represent $15 million....the goal of a particular division of sales for the coming year.

The 'Territory' image is also available in a larger size.



'LJ Movies' Community Logos**

These images werecreated for an online movie community of which I know the moderator. Of course all the iamges (with the exception of the rendered texted) are copyrighted for their respective films.

The 'LJ' part stands for 'Live Journal', the site hosting this community. Live Journal is an internet journal, commonly know as a 'blog', where thousands of users post thier personal thoughts.

The bee and clapboard in 'The Buzz Report' image were given to be by the site moderator and more than likely have an copyrighted internet source, so my apologies for not knowing where they came from.

The 'LJ Movies' image is available in a larger format as well.


'LJ Stories' Logo

Again, this is another logo for a Live Journal Community.

This image is one of my favorites, but I had some help.

The parchment in the background is from the 'Worlds of Warcraft' fan website which as of this writing, I can't seem to find again. I was able to remove thier text and then add mine. Using an inner shadow on the text gave the effect that it had been burned into the paper.

The quill I don't remember where I found it, but it was also on the internet. I modified it by taking small notches out of it to make it more real.



Identity Logo

On the LJ Movies community, the moderator created a game with the name Idenity. This image is completly my design.



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