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Born and raised in Elkhart, IN, I learned the values of small town living but yearned for something more, but at the time was unable to put my finger on it. When I attended college at Ball State University beginning in 1996, I fell in love with the claustrophobic atmosphere that this huge school generated. After all the college was half the size of my hometown (college: 20,000 students). It was here that I discovered my talents as a graphic designer starting off initially only touching up scanned photographs.

During my time at Ball State, my life split in several different directions. Through my computer related coursework, I began designing a website for that shall not be seen by anyone due to it's crudeness. I also began falling in love with film and television production in addition to gaining lots of experience in computer support.

I completed my business degree, finished my website, completed my first screenplay, and honed my computer technical skills throughout my tenure in college. All the while enjoying the huge quest of self-discovery that comes with 'growing up'.

The group that gathered in San Francisco for the anniversary party of Francis Coppolas (front, center, red shirt) online writing website. See if you can spot me and my head of blonde hair on the left.Upon graduation in the year 2000, I moved to Chicago, where I currently live and work, doing my graphic design and screenwriting on the side. However, since college, I've completed 2 more feature length screenplays, numerous creative writing pieces, designed 3 websites (this one, and and several movie poster designs including one for the independent film Burning Annie.

Today, I make my living as a 26-year-old computer analyst for a massive insurance brokerage in downtown Chicago, and thus my skills with a computer. However, I am available for any work in my respective creative fields.





If you're interested in hiring me as a writer or to do some graphics for you, use the information below to contact me.

Tony Machin
1322 W. Barry Ave.
Apartment #1
Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 773-883-0631
For Screenplays, Teleplays, creative writing or digital design, including graphics and websites:

If you're interested in personal computing or small network consulting, please use:



Meet the Artist

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